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We partner with global hospitality brands to elevate the chocolate experience for their guests.
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From decadent pastries to tempting guest room treats, bespoke flavour creations to immersive guest experiences, AFRIKOA has developed a specialised offering for hospitality clients who choose to offer their guests the most flavourful and memorable chocolate experience.
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The Chocolatier

This offering has been carefully crafted by a chef- for the chef, and will create the best possible experience and outcomes for culinary professionals who use AFRIKOA chocolate.

Training the team
  • Chocolate work- hands-on training on expertly producing truffles, bon-bon’s, confectionary, chocolate decor, baked goods etc.
  • ‘Bean to Bar’ training reveals the journey of chocolate and how to harness it’s qualities to create the most decadent and delicious dishes.
Chef’s range
  • Our Couverture range offers 6 varieties: 30% white, 37% milk, 46% oatmilk (vegan), 55% dark chocolate, 70% dark chocolate, 80% sugar free dark chocolate.
  • A coating chocolate called ‘My Baker’ consists of 3 options: White chocolate, Milk chocolate and Dark chocolate.
  • Cocoa butter, cocoa nibs and cocoa powder
  • Equipment and ingredient procurement advice
  • Process design consulting
  • Menu development consulting
  • Recipe development consulting
Afrikoa Guest Experience
Guest Experience

Guests of all ages can enjoy a sensory journey with an AFRIKOA Guest Experience. Designed to engage, delight and educate your guests about a much loved topic- chocolate, an AFRIKOA guest experience is confidently delivered by a skilled professional and will leave your guests feeling completely satisfied.

The AFRIKOA guest experience is a hands on guided session on the art of Truffle making and will consist of:

  • Guest arrive, receive a branded apron as well as a guest pack which outlines the experience, the recipes and the Bean to Bar process.
  • We take guests through the AFRIKOA Bean to bar process, why it’s so important, special and unique, how a bar is molded.
  • We then make the truffle recipes, which includes teaching guests about the tempering process.
  • Roll truffles and coat them in a selection of coatings, including nuts, cocoa powder, coconut etc.
  • Make personalised chocolate bars with the tempered chocolate, using a selection of toppings.
  • Package the truffles and bars into the AFRIKOA Chocolate Premium Gift Box.
  • A chocolate tasting experience: using all 5 senses to taste chocolate- look, aroma, the ‘snap’, the smooth feeling, and the ‘melting in your hand’ moment.
  • All guests participating in the experience, receive a complimentary Value Add offer should they wish to purchase AFRIKOA chocolate directly from the lodge shop.
Afrikoa Bespoke Flavour Creation
Bespoke Flavour Creation

Bring your brand to life by creating a sensory experience for your guests that is completely unique and synonymous with your location or brand. With the AFRIKOA Bespoke Flavor development and co-branding solution we offer you:

  • Development and presentation of unique, artisanal flavour profiles for a brand in the form of truffles, bon bons or hand-cut bars.
  • Develop co-branding opportunities including a branded bar and or branded wrapper.
Retail Solutions

Guests love to browse in hotel and lodge gift shops, but unlike chocolate, there are only so many kurios they will buy. Our selection of AFRIKOA chocolates are the perfect temptation to add to your selection snacks on offer.
This solution includes:

  • Chocolates for Hotel Retail outlets- 100gm and 35gm chocolate bars in various flavours including vegan options as well as chocolate coated nuts and fruits.
  • Chocolates for In Room Mini bar- Snack size 35gm bars in minibar, chocolate coated nuts and fruits.
Afrikoa Chocolate Bars

Delight guests with the highest quality chocolate snacks and drinks. Our range of chocolate hospitality consumables includes:

  • Bite Size snack chocolates perfect for welcoming guests at reception, following an excursion or for all-day snacking.
  • Hot chocolate is a favorite for guests of all ages.
  • Turn down chocolates
  • Spa treats
Team Building

Playing games and learning through playing is a wonderful way to deliver knowledge and skills enhancement to a team, but it is a truly great way to build a team! Now add chocolate to that and you have a winning recipe!

Your team will be taken on the AFRIKOA Bean to bar journey with an explanation as to why it’s so important, special and unique.

Team Building programs can include:

  • Truffle making and chocolate tempering
  • Making of personalised or corporate branded chocolate bars with a selection of toppings.
  • Chocolate tasting experience: using all 5 senses to taste chocolate- look, aroma, the ‘snap’, the smooth feeling, and the ‘melting in your hand’ moment.
Afrikoa Team
A selection of our hospitality clients
Cocoa is one of Africa’s most exploited resources and while 70% of the World’s cocoa beans are grown on African soil, it’s hard to find an African chocolate brand on a supermarket shelf.
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Ingrid Karera, AFRIKOA Founder

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