Variety Gift Box

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Our Variety Gift Box is a sweet selection of AFRIKOA Chocolate products, crafted with award-winning sustainably-sourced chocolate and locally-sourced ingredients. Each box contains a selection of the AFRIKOA bars and bites which you know and love.

Flavour Guide: 

1 X Roasted Macadamias in Rooibos White Chocolate                        
1 X Roasted Hazelnuts in 70% Dark Chocolate                                      
1 X 70% Dark Chocolate 100g Bar                                                          
2 X 37% Milk Chocolate 100g Bar                                                            
1 X 55% Dark Chocolate with Coffee 100g Bar                                      
1 X 55% Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate 100g Bar



Dark Chocolate, Sugar, Cacao Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Roasted Hazelnuts, Glazing Agents, Roasted macadamia nuts, rooibos, white chocolate, sugar, cacao butter, whole milk powder, rooibos tea,  lemon zest, 37% Milk Chocolate, 70% Dark Chocolate, 55% Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Rwanda Coffee Beans


Allergens: Contains nuts, traces of dairy, tree nuts or gluten.



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